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At The Poker Collective we take problem gambling very seriously. If you think you or anyone you know has a gambling problem then we strongly  advise you to go to Gamblers Anonymous and look for help.

Gamblers Anonymous has been around since the 1957 when two men encountered by chance and found out that they shared something in common, an addiction to gambling. The gambling was making their lives a misery, so they decided to meet regularly to try and phase out this problem. Over the next months as they continued to meet they managed to phase out their gambling. After experiencing this they came to the conclusion that to help with their own abstinence that they should share a message of hope with others. This is how the organization was formed.

Gamblers Anonymous is now an international organization that helps people from all over the world to solve their gambling problems and help to a path of recovery.

How do you know if you have a gambling problem?

Gamblers anonymous has 20 questions that you need to ask yourself, if you answer yes to at least 7 of there questions then it is very possible that you do have a gambling problem. Please visit Gamblers Anonymous for the 20 questions!

If you do think that gambling may be a problem for you, then do not feel afraid to speak out and ask for help from those around you. The first stage is to admit that there is a problem!

If you have any questions about gambling addiction/problems please feel free to contact us and we will endeavor to put you in touch with the right people who can help

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