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5 Card Stud Poker Rules

The rules of 5 card stud are very similar to those of 7 card stud in terms of the Ante, Betting and the Showdown. So please go HERE for an in depth analysis of 7 card stud.

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The Open
The difference with 5 Card Stud is that  at the beginning you are only dealt 2 cards. One facedown, and one face up. After this there are 3 round of betting.

Third Street
A card is dealt face-up to each player (The betting is the same as it would be at 7card Stud).

Fourth Street
A fourth card is dealt face-up. This would be equivalent to Fifth and Sixth street in 7 Card Stud.

Fifth Street
This is the final card and would correspond to 7th street at 7 Card Stud

That is about it. The rules are pretty simple for 5 Card Stud. There are a few things you need to know. There are many variants of 5 Card Stud and you will barely ever find it played in a casino nowadays. The reason being is that there is no much secrecy to the game. Not much chance to bluff, improve your hand act. The best hands always tends to be towards the High Card or Pair side of things. So all-in-all could be seen as quite boring as there is a lack of a challenge to be able to read the other players cards! However to play for fun with friends/family it can be quite fun.

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