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6 player poker vs 10 player poker

Which to start with?

So you have just started out at poker and are trying to choose which tables you should to play at, this article aims to help you choose what is best for you. It will outline why a certain table might be better then another table for you.

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Now I have read many articles and theories that promote the idea that playing at a 6 player table (shorthand) is one of the most profitable ways to play poker.

6 Player Poker Table Arguments in Favor:

  • The main ideas behind are that for one, you get more action as you are playing. So you should be able to make more $ per hour.
  • Second of all you get to know the players you are playing against a lot quicker (hence you can spot if someone is on tilt, or if they are tight or aggressive).
  • Also it suits the aggressive player a lot better as your weaker starting hands will have a higher chance of beating off your opponents hands.

Now I totally disagree. As a beginner I would never, never, ever recommend that you sit down to a 6 player table to try and make some quick cash! You might think it will work for you, but chances are you will get eaten.

The main thing in poker that is needed is PATIENCE! As long as you have heaps of this then you should be okay. I find so many people that expect to sit down and double up within a few hands. Let's say on a 6 player table that on average you are going to get the strongest hand every 6 hands. So if you play aggressive all the time then you will be okay. This simply is not the case. Just because you are on a 6 player table it does not mean you are going to earn cash a lot quicker.

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The pro's of a 10 player table:

Now I am going to apply this more to an Omaha situation rather than Texas Holdem.

1. As a beginner you get to practice your patients skills. When you are playing against 10 people then you will be wanting to pay to see a pot on a very rare occasion when you actually hit a good starting hand. You do not need to rush into a hand that you think your not winning, because chances are your not.

2. You will get to see more hands that other people play and be able to access their skills. See if they are calling pre-flop with hands that you would consider weak. Then you will know that if you are up against them one on one then your chances of winning are much better.

3. You can eliminate a bunch of medium strength hands that you have to play with. I.e. In Omaha if you have a hand that is A(d)K(h)4(S)4(C), and someone has raised before you, then you can be confident to lay it down. The reason being that the best 2 hands you can realistically hit are a straight Ace-high or trip 4's. Which are both not very good, because a 10 player table you are probably going to go up against higher trips or a flush. I will write another article on the matter of starting hands in Omaha so look out for that.

4. The blinds rotate so slowly, every 10 hands... so all you need to do is wait for the good hands. If you go in with anything else then you will get beat and waste your money.

5. You can still do the same 'tricks' on a 10 player table as you would on a 6 player table like steal the blinds if no one has called and you are on the button. You can still play position as you normally would, and it will make you a stronger player as you have more odds to deal with.

If you sit on a 10 player table and wait patiently for the right hand and you hit then you are bound to be in the money. This is the point where you can practice your skills of setting other people up as best you can to pay you as much as possible. You are basically waiting to hit the nuts and then get someone to pay you for it. Whilst on a 6 player poker table things can be a lot different. Good players will constantly be stealing your blinds and it is very easy to get into a muddle of weather they are bluffing or whether they genuinely to have a good hand. This occurs much less on a 10 player table.

A friend of mine always said to me that the people winning at omaha were the one's that knew how to play their 2 pair hands. A beginner will struggle to know when their 2 pair is good enough. By playing at a 10 player table you can eliminate a lot of doubt from your mind about whether you have the best hand with a pair of Kings and 10's.

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