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Seven Card Stud is the considered the second largest poker game after Texas Hold'em. The dynamics of Seven Card Stud are different than Texas Hold'em or even than Omaha. The aim of Seven Card Stud is to make the best possible five card hand using any combination of five cards on the board and two cards in your hand.

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Bets need to be placed at the start of each hand by participating players, this bet is called the Ante. The Ante usually equates to anywhere from 10%-25% of the low limit bet size. It goes up in relation to the size of the betting limit (In this example we will use a limit of $1/2).

Now all players that have posted the ante are dealt two ‘Hole’ cards and one card face up. The action starts with the player that has the lowest card, by suit (clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades: lowest to highest). This player is forced to make a bet of half the lower limit, 50c in this case. (Third Street) A round of betting then ensues.

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After this there are 3 more cards dealt face-up each in turn (Fourth Street, Fifth Street, Sixth Street). At each stage there is a round of betting that takes place. The final round of betting take place after a final face down (Seventh Street) card is dealt to each remaining player.

At each round (Street) there are individual betting limits, such as on a $1/2 in the first two rounds (Third and Fourth Street) the limit of the max bet is $1, however this can be re-raised. In the final three betting (Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Street) rounds then the bet limit is $2. There is also a cap on the number of re-raises you are allowed to make in any betting round which normally is one bet and three re-raises in most card rooms. (please check with your specific card-room before playing). However, there is an exception to this rule. On the second round of betting (4th street) if a player shows a pair (face up) then the bet becomes the lower limit ($1) multiplied by two ($1 x 2 = $2).

Who wins at the showdown?
Each player makes the best hand possible using a combination of any five cards out of the seven in their hand. If there are two hands that are tied then the pot is split.

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