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The quality of your starting hand in 7 card stud is primarily determined by the other cards that you can see on the board. For example if you have a pair of 8's in hand and you can see that one of your opponents has an 8 then the value of your pair goes down drastically. This is the same if you are trying to make a straight. If you have 3 connector cards (i.e. 5-6-7) and and you can see a couple of 4's and a couple of 8's that your opponents are holding then your hand becomes much less valuable. The list of best hands in 7 card stud is very short as trips is obviously one of the favorite hands in the game.

  1. Trip Aces, trip kings and trip queens are obviously the most powerful. And then it goes all the way down the line to trip 2's as a starting hand.
  2. Three suited connector cards, that can connect to make a straight flush.
  3. Any Three suited cards to make a flush are next.
  4. Top Pairs, AA, KK, and QQ, JJ (preferably an unseen pair)
  5. Three high cards that can make a straight, are also good as you can always hit a high pair if you do not hit the straight.

    These are considered the strongest hands. Bellow is a list of hands that are good as well (playable but not as strong as the ones above).
  6. Any pair that is unseen. If you have a high kicker card (i.e. Ace or King) then this is obviously better as it will help when trying to make the best possible 5 card hand.
  7. Three cards in sequence to draw for a straight.
  8. Three high cards with two that will go towards making a straight or a flush if you have a rainbow then don't bother).

These are considered the most playable hands in 7 card stud. Once again don't bother playing anything below these hands. You would be just throwing your money away. Make sure that you always have your eye on the other cards that are on the board to see what your likely hood is of hitting the hand you are looking for.

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