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Calculating Odds in Poker - Implied Odds

Implied Odds!

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So now you know about pot odds and how they work. Now you need to think ahead a bit more and know your implied odds when you bet.

Implied odds work on determining what you 'think' the other player is likely to do and what you think the final pot will be!

I will use the same example as the one for pot odds:

"You are at a holding 79s and have called to see the flop. There are 4 other players in the pot and you’re 4th to act (blinds are $2.50/5). The flop has come a rainbow of 86Q. The pot is $50."

Now you know that your pot odds are 1/7 if one of the players raises for $10. However you can assume a bit more. Let's say that you do hit on the turn. You can then assume that you will make more money then just the total of $70 as people will be likely to raise around you.

So let's say that you call for $10, and you hit a 5 on the turn. Then any money that goes into the pot after that is what you would have had as implied odds.

Putting strict mathematical equations to implied odds is not strictly necessary as you will find that you are making assumptions on what you think the other player has and whether he is likely to call you bets. So even though implied odds improve your profitability you have to be careful as sometimes the other player will not call your raise when you hit the nuts.

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