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Poker Hand Values

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Here are how hands are ranked in a poker game. The list is from the lowest to highest ranking hand.

Summary of poker hand values

High Card - Pair - Two Pair - Three of a Kind - Straight - Flush - Full House - Four of a kind - Straight Flush - Royal Flush

High Card

If no one has any of the other hands then the highest card hand is the strongest.


Two cards with the same value on them. I.e. (Ace-Ace, makes a pair of Aces).

Two Pair

Two pairs as above but with two pair. The person with the higher of the two pairs wins. So (Ace-Ace + Eight-Eight beats King-King + Ten -Ten)

Three of a Kind

Three of the same card. (Ace-Ace-Ace, makes three of a kind Aces)


A run of 5 cards that are in sequential order but can be mixed suits (Six-Seven-Eight-Nine-Ten, makes a Ten high straight)


Five cards of the same suit. If two people have a flush then the higher ranking one is the person with the higher flush. (I.e. someone with an Ace-High flush will beat someone with a Queen-High flush).

Full House

Three of a kind and a pair (Ace-Ace-Ace + Ten-Ten, makes a full house, Tens full of Aces).

Four of a Kind

Four of the same card (King-King-King-King, makes four of a kind Kings)

Straight Flush

5 cards running in the same suit, but not ace high (Eight-Nine-Ten-Jack-Queen, makes a straight flush Queen high).

High Card

And finally the Mac daddy, the royal flush. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten all of the same suit.

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