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Long poker hours... Don't Do IT!

Quit whilst you're ahead

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I will endeavor to try and explain to you why you need to quit whilst your ahead to save yourself time and money and maximise your poker profits. When I mean quit whilst you are ahead I am applying this to any given long poker session, not your entire poker career! The idea behind quitting whilst you are ahead is to make you a stronger poker player in the long run. If you want to be successful in poker then you need patiences and bucket loads of it. Also you need to be able to keep that excitement that you always used to get!

Right so for this example we’ll put you on a 1/2 table, you have got your stack up to $1000 from a start of $200. You’re rocking! You start to feel invincible because you’re the MAN or WOMAN (hey I am not going to be biased)!  You are putting pressure on the smaller stacks to go all-in. This is the right thing to do and you know it. If you can intimidate a player into making mistakes then you will come out on top. However be warned, it can all turn sour ever so quickly.

I very very often see players with big stacks give back a good 20-40% before leaving the table. Hey if they could save that money instead of wasting it back then they would be quitting whilst ahead, showing their strength as an informed and wise poker player.

Things to avoid after long playing hours:

1. BOREDOM! - This is key. Many poker players find this a hurdle as they can sit there and take down $100 pots all day and find it dull because they would prefer to be taking down $1000 pots each time.

2. Loss of Concentration - I know there are many players out there that play many poker tables at the same time and claim it is the most profitable way to play. Things that happen to you are your mind wandering from one thing to another, being distracted by things that you are worried about and even distractions by outside events.

3. Sleep Deprivation - Although you may be well rested, I always seem to find myself still awake at 3-4am because I am having a great session. Sleep Deprivation again this will reduce your concentration, overall makin things worse off for you.

So you've played some poker, things are going well. Before you know it you just want to win some more by throwing caution to the wind and go all-in when you think you are 50-50 rather then know that you are 60/40 to win. You want to get a big stack ASAP. You want to be one of the big boys that is playing every hand, winning and dominating the table.

Yeah this is fun and all but this is more about your pride and your ability to stave off boredom. Don't do it. Relax, sit back and be mentally prepared for the game. If you are winning for a while then great but be prepared to stand up and move to another game. This will keep things lively as you need a challenge to build a nice stack. Even if the limits are not huge. In the long run you will be saving money as you will not be wasting it due to boredom/lack of concentration.

When you find that any of the above is happening to you and you feel that you have started to get ‘unlucky’ then get out of there, quick!

On online poker there is no 'ethics' to letting people win their money back. You don’t have to sit there and play for another hour after winning a big hand. There is so much traffic on online poker that they have plenty of people to play to redeem their cash. So get up, move about, don't lose your money back to them.

It’s easy to do and can see your profits rocket. Don’t give the money back that you earned fair and square.

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