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The Art of Tilting - Part 2

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Let me assure you, to fool others that you are on tilt is one of the best moves (against a good player) you can make in a session online.

Its an art form….

When you get a bad beat (or even just a beat), play it up in the chat boxes, let the opposition know that you are not happy. Indeed, MAKE them think you are fuming and ready to blow. You will have to loosen up to do this, but throwing 10 to 15 dollars about in order to make $50 or more is fine, isn't it?

A huge aspect in no limit games is your table image. That means if you are seen as a tight player (someone who will only play with premium hands), your opponents will start questioning your state of mind when you start playing 'recklessly'. Only you and I will know that this is for a reason. Let them think you aren't playing well, indeed, encourage that idea.

To offer an example of a given hand here would be foolish for me, the author, and you, the reader. Each game is different and each hand within that game is different. So 'play it by ear'. Learn from your opponents play and use this to improve your play. Stand up if needs be. Start hammering at them if needs be. Find your own style, a winning style. Don't let it go to your head and don't let your opponents get to your head.

I realize that this article is more based on the psychology of poker, rather than playing actual hands. That's something you will have to learn for yourself. Read the thousands of articles out there and buy some books. This will prove invaluable in the long run.

This probably ISN'T an article for a new player and I advise caution if that's the case. I hope you've enjoyed reading this article. Keep and eye out for more future articles by myself and the other great folks here at

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