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Why am I not winning at poker?

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The age old question of why you are not winning at poker. Let's take it from two main standpoints.

  1. You have just started poker. Have played a bunch of hands but never made a consistent amount of cash.

2. You have been playing poker for a while. You've been having swings all over the place. You have a day when you have made more than ever before, but then before you know it you have lost it all... again... bust!

So what makes the good players good and the others... well not so good.

Lack of patience is number one on the list of why people lose money: Have you ever had a time when you have just not been hitting all night? Many players find that the longer they play and don't hit then the less patient they get. They start to make common mistakes like playing starting hands that they shouldn't be playing in hope to hit on the flop. At the same time once they hit something like the low straight then they will be tempted to call.

If you find that you are not hitting then don't get impatient.

I was soooo unlucky! ! !

Everytime that happens to me I am kind of happy. I know that as long as I am playing my A-game that in the long run getting unlucky just wont make the slightest difference, as there will be times when I get lucky in return. Very often this trigers the same thing. People go on a kind of tilt and find themselves losing more.

If you have the straight and you are 80% to win the hand and find yourself allin, only to get outdrawn by a full house, don't worry yourself, it will come around again.

  1. So you just started, but just can't seem to make any money. Here are the things that you should examine.

  • Are you playing the right starting hands! You start playing loose because you can't be bothered to wait or because mr. C keeps on stealing your blind and you don't like it and want to take him on with your 4-5-9-K.

  • Are you calling with hands that you know you could be behind but decide to take a risk as he might not have it?

  • Is your mouse-cursor hovering over the fold button? You know that you should be folding about 60% of your hands pre-flop right?

  • Are you playing in the wrong stakes? If you find that if you have a strong hand but are frightened to raise as you think you might be beat (even though statistically you are more than likely the winner), then you know you are in the wrong stakes. As well you can tell this by your bankroll amount. If you have a bankroll of $200 and are playing $1/2 pot limit tables then you are definitely in the wrong stakes. Start off at $0.25/0.50 and go from there.

2.So you find that you used to be playing well but now something has changed!

Examine what has changed of course. You can blame it on luck for a certain amount of time but it just isn't that. It's your game-play which has changed for the worse.

Take a step back.

Drop your stakes! Don't be afraid to go back to the beginning. Yeah it involves more time to earn more $ but hey, better then losing more of your poker bankroll.

Starting hands.... Are you playing the right ones. I find that many players that used to be great and go downhill are starting to play the wrong hands. i.e. K-high flush starting hand. (You know there is no point to this!)

Also with more experience you realize that sometimes your 2 pair are good enough to take down a massive pot. Be really careful.

Following on from the previous point. Start folding more often when you know you are beat. Yeah your king high flush is good at times and can make you a lot but just don't let yourself get into that position where you have to make tough decisions. Let your opponent make mistakes and let him have to make those tough choices!

Don't play for too long. Take regular brakes! You've been playing all day long and you think you can concentrate still? Sorry mate, you just can't!

If you are in poker to make money, treat it seriously. Yes its a game, yes it can be fun, enjoy it! But above all concentrate on doing everything right, 100% of the time. You think that the high-rollers in this world make mistakes? Nope! And if they do it costs them a fortune!

All-in-all ladies and gents it's just a matter of going back to step one. Most of the time people just get over-confident with their poker knowledge. They have seen so many weak hands win huge pots that they believe that they should be taking down more pots like that. Just chill out, drop your stakes, and wait for that magic hand that will double you up. Work from there.

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