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Online Poker Terms - B

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Poker Terms - B
Back Door 'He hit a back door flush': When a player makes a hand that he was aiming to get. For example if a player hits two hearts in a row with one on the board and he was aiming for a straight then this is called a back door flush.
Bad Beat 'It was the worst bad beat ever!': When a player that is hugely favorite gets beaten by the underdog. You will hear about hundreds of these throughout your poker career as generally they are hard to forget when they happen to you.
Bet To be the first to place a wager in the round , i.e. Pre-flop, flop, turn or river.
Big Blind 'Post the big blind please: The player needs to add seed money to the pot which amounts to a full first round bet.
Big Slick 'I hit a big slick!': When a player draws Ace + King (AK) as his hole cards.
Blind 'Post the blinds please': A forced wager that is made by players before any cards are dealt.
Bluff 'He likes to bluff': When a player makes a bet to represent a stronger hand than he is actually holding.
Boat 'Nice boat there...': Boat is a 'slang' term for a Full-House.
Board, The 'The Board was full of spades': The community cards in a Hold'em/Omaha game.
Bottom Pair When you are holding the lowest pair when matching up the lowest card on the board with a card in your hand. i.e. If you are holding A3 and the flop comes QJ3 then you are holding the bottom pair.
Bubble 'He is on the bubble of the tournament': When a player comes out of a tournament just before the paying positions.
Bullets A pair of Aces
Burn 'Cards that are discarded from the top of the deck (face down) between betting rounds. This is done to make sure that no one caught a glimpse of the top card before it came down onto the board.
Button 'On the button': A token which is placed in front of a player who is 'the dealer'. The people on his/her left will be first to act.
Buy 'He bought the pot'': When a player makes a substantial enough raise to 'scare' his opponents into folding.

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