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Online Poker Terms - C

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Poker Terms - C
Call 'I call': To add to the pot the amount that was made by the most recently raising player.
Calling Station Someone that will call almost any bet with almost any hand in hope of hitting.
Capped A term used for limit poker, where the final allowed raise for the given round has been reached.
Center Pot The initial amount in the pot that could be one by any player. A side-pot is made when a player is all-in and cannot match further bets that are made by other players.
Chase 'Chasing a hand: Term used when a player is trying to make a hand by calling when he/she doesn't have the right odds to call. (he/she is behind).
Check When a player does not bet or call. He does not have to pay anything into the pot.
Check-Raise When a player has intention to raise but he first check's his hand hoping that his opponent(s) will raise and then he will re-raise.
Cold Call To call bets for the first time in a round.
Common Card A term used in Stud Poker. A card used by all players when there is not enough cards in the deck to distribute to all players in the final round.
Complete Hand A hand that is made using all 5 cards (i.e. Full House, Straight and Flush).
Connector 2 cards that can connect to make a straight. i.e. 89
Cut 'Can you cut the deck please?': When a deck of cards is split into two, with the bottom half being placed on top.
Cut-Off The player to the right of the button.

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