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Online Poker Terms - D

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Poker Terms - D
Dead Hand A card that is no longer in play.
Dead Man's Hand Famous term used to signify a hand of a pair of Ace's and Eight's. It comes from the legend that Wild Bill Hickok was shot dead whilst holding black 8's and Ace's.
Deal When cards are distributed to each active player.
Dealer's Choice A game in which the acting dealer chooses the type of poker that is played.
Deck A pack of cards. Consisting of 52 cards for Hold'em and Omaha. Will consist of 53 cards if using the joker.
Dog Abbreviation for 'underdog'.
Dominated A hand that has very low chance of winning in relation to the opponents hand. i.e. AQ vs AA.
Downcards Cards that are dealt facedown in Stud poker.
Draw Takes place in certain poker games where cards from the hand are replaced by cards from the deck.
Drawing Dead When there is no more possible way for a player to win a hand, then he has a dead hand.

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