Online Poker Terms - F

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Poker Terms - F
Family Pot A pot in which most of the player have called to see the flop.
Fast Play When you are aggressive with your hand as it is the 'nuts' on the flop but could quickly change due to a straight or flush coming if you have hit trips.
Fish A poor player that will make obvious mistakes and therefore 'give' a lot of his money away. Do not make these players feel uncomfortable as they will provide you with your profit.
Flop Three community cards that are dealt after the first round of betting in Hold'em Style games.
Free Card When your opponent has the best hand and checks to you instead of raising. This constitutes as a free card for you as you did not have to pay any money to see it.

An term that is normally used online to designate a poker multi-table tournament that has a $0 entry fee. Nowadays a freeroll can also have an entry 'requirement' instead of a cash fee, such as acquiring enough points to be allowed to enter.

Full House A five card hand consisting of three of a kind and a pair.

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