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Here is a list of many poker terms being used in online poker rooms. Learn the terms and impress the other poker players.

A Act, Active Player , Ante, All-in
B Back Door, Bad Beat, Bet, Big Blind, Big Slick, Blind, Bluff, Board, Bottom Pair, Bullets, Burn, Button, Buy, Buy-in
C Call, Calling Station, Capped, Center Pot, Chase, Check, Check-Raise, Cold Call, Common Card, Complete Hand, Connector, Cut, Cut-Off
D Dead Hand, Dead Man's Hand, Deal, Dealers Choice, Deck, Dog, Dominated, Down-Cards, Draw, Drawing Dead
E Early Position, Eldest Hand , Extra Blind
F Family Pot, Fast Play, Fish, Flop, Free Card, Freeroll, Full House
G Gap Hand, Goolsby, Grifter, Gutted, Gut Shot
H Heads Up Play, Helping Card, Hi/Lo Split, High Roller, Hit, Hole Cards, House Cut
I Implied Odds, In, In The Dark, Inside Straight, Insurance, Isolate
J Jackpot, Jackson Five, Jam, Joker
K Kicker, Kill, Kojak
Late Position, Lay a hand down, Leak, Limit, Limp In, Live Hand, Long Shot, Loose
M Main Pot , Made Hand, Marked Cards, Miss, Monster, Move In, Muck
N Nit, No Limit, Nutter, Nuts
O Odds, Offsuit, Omaha, Open-Ended, Outs, Overcard(s), Overpair
P Pocket Pair , Pocket Rockets, Pocket Cards, Pot Committed, Pot-Limit, Pot Odds, Put Down
Q Quads, Quatered
R Rags, Rainbow, Raise, Rake, Rank, Re-buy, Ring Game, River, Runner-Runner
S Scoop, Side Pot, Shorthand, Showdown, Shuffle, Slow Play, Small Blind, Split Pot, Stack, Steal the pot/blinds, String-Bet, Suited
T Tell, Tight, Tilt, Toke, Top Pair, Top Set, Trips, Turn
U Under the gun, Underdog, Unsuited, Upcards
V Value bet
W Wager, Wheel, Wild Card, WSOP
Z Zone

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