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Online Poker Terms - M

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Poker Terms - M
Main Pot

Pot that all active players have a stake in. The main pot is only made when there are all-in players and a sidepot is created. See: "side pot"

Made Hand

A hand that is the best it is going to get and does not need any cards to improve. A made hand will in most likely hood always win you the pot.

Marked Cards

Cards that have markings on the back of them that tell what the value of the card is.


To not hit cards that you are looking for. i.e. if you are trying for a straight draw and need a 7 and you do not get one, then you have missed.


A hand that has many outs and is virtually unbeatable. However it is not guaranteed to win. That is the 'nuts'.

Move In

To use your entire stack as a bet/ to go all-in.


When you fold your cards they go into a discard/muck pile. These cards are face down. Also you may muck your hand if you win the hand by making someone fold and you do not want anyone to see what cards you had.

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