Online Poker Terms - O

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Poker Terms - O

The likely hood of something happen determined by a statistical analysis of cards in play.


A starting hand with cards that are not suited.


A game of poker which is similar to texas hold'em, however instead of being dealt two cards as hole cards, you are dealt four. You make the best hand possible using a combination of two cards from the four you are dealt and three cards from the board.


Applies to a straight draw when you are looking for the outside cards to make the straight. i.e. You are holding A8, the flop comes 679 then you have and open-ended draw. You are therefore looking to hit a 5 or a ten to make a straight.


'I had 15 outs!': How many cards there are in the deck that will make you win a hand. When determined you can then work out the odds of winning the hand.


A card or cards that are higher then what you see on the flop. i.e. If the flop comes 369 and you are holding A8, then Ace is an overcard.


A higher pair then your opponents. i.e. if you have a pair of King's and your opponent has a pair of Ten's then you have the overpair.

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