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Online Poker Terms - R

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Poker Terms - R

Cards that are pretty bad to play with. i.e. low cards, unpaired, unsuited and that don't connect.


When there is at least 1 card of each suit is present on the board. i.e. Spade, Club, Diamond and a Heart.


When a wager is placed after someone else has already placed a wager within the round. This forces the previous player to either fold or call.


A fee taken from the pot by the poker room in return for using their tables.


The value of a card in relation to another. I.e. An ace ranks higher then a king.


In a poker tournament a fee can be paid to buy more chips.

Ring Game

A poker game where players can sit down or leave the game whenever they want.


The last card that is revealed on the board in a hold'em or Omaha game.


A final hand that is made up of the turn and river card. I.e. If you are holding two hearts and there is only one heart on the flop, then to make a flush you would need a runner-runner of two hearts.

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