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Online Poker Terms - S

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Poker Terms - S

To win both high and low pots in a hi/lo game

Side Pot

A pot created for a player that has gone all-in where other players have bet more then him.


A game with 6 players max.


The final stage of a poker hand. Takes place after the river card is shown and the final round of betting has taken place. Players then show their cards.


To mix the cards up to try and generate a random arrangement of cards.

Slow Play

To have a hand that is a monster, or to have the nuts and instead of raising/betting to check/call. This is normally done to try and trap the opponent into making a bet against you.

Small Blind

Usually half the size of the big blind. It is a forced bet that has to be made if you are directly to the left of the dealer.

Split Pot

A pot that is split in half as two players have the same ranking hand at the showdown. i.e. IF two players have a straight Ace high.


The chips that a player has in front of them at the table.

Steal the pot/blinds

When you raise in a fashion that makes your opponent fold even though you may not have the best hand.


In a live game when a player makes a raise in two parts. This is not allowed, you need to declare that you are going to raise rather then just move a bunch of chips forward and then move another bunch forward.


Cards of the same suit. I.e. Ace of spades and Jack of Spades.

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