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Online Poker Terms - T

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Poker Terms - T

When a player inadvertently makes a gesture or performs an action that tips off the other players to what he has in his hand. i.e. an obvious tell would be a smile when getting dealt a good hand.


A player that plays his very few hands as he waits to hit a really good hand before taking any action.


When a player makes bad decisions, raises over aggressively and makes bad calls. This is usually induced by a player getting a bad beat.


A tip that is given to the dealer out of the pot.

Top Pair

A pair that is better then any other pair on the table. I.e. KK is a top pair in relation to 99.

Top Set

The highest ranking trips on the table. i.e. 999 is top set in relation to 444.


Three of a kind.


The fourth card to be dealt on the board in an Omaha or Hold'em game.

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