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Full House Draw - Pot Limit Omaha

Part 2.3: On the Flop - Full House Draw

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There are several ways that to make a full house draw on the flop when playing Omaha. The best is to have the top trips and be aiming for the full house. You may also have lower trips, or even two pairs or three pairs. The easiest hand to play is the top trips, however if you have middle or bottom trips then you will always be asking yourself questions of what to do next in the hand.

Nut Full House

On the button:
If, no one has bet before me: I know that there is no point in letting people catch up to me and losing money. Here is an example flop:

If I am holding the nut full house, either with JJ or J4 then I will make some kind of a bet, something like half the flop or less. If I wait and let someone catch up then I know that if an Ace, King or a Queen comes then it makes my next decisions very difficult, when they in turn start to bet at me.

In the best case scenario, if I raise at this point, I can hope that someone has a 4 without a made full house and is willing to call to see the next card.

Flopping a Full House, RARELY pays big! However, using this strategy if someone has something like a 4 then they may be tempted to call you all the way. Bet for something like half the pot.

If, someone has bet before me: I will always flat call the bet, whatever it is. If I raise then I am automatically letting the other players know that I have a very strong hand.

Middle Position: Raise, anything up to half the size of the pot.

Under the Gun: In this position I will always assess how the game has been played before. If I have been playing very loose, and have bet or re-raised before the flop then I would bet in between half to three-quarters of the pot and hope to get someone to call or even re-raise as they will probably think I am bluffing.

However if the game is pretty tight then I would simply check it and hope someone raises for me.

Drawing to a nut Full House:

On the button: If, no one has bet before me: If there is nothing else on the board that looks overly scary, like two big draws happening simultaneously like a flush draw and a straight draw then I will always give it a good raise. Anything from half the pot to the entire pot.

Middle Position: Raise, at least half the pot. If not more. Enough said.

Under the Gun: Raise, Raise, Raise. If I am going to hit the nuts and am in an early position I know I have got to raise the pot to confuse people as to what I am holding. Then if I do hit I know I will be getting great value as there are good chances that my opponents have no idea as to what I am exactly holding.

See also: Straight Draw and Flush Draw

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