Playing Pot Limit Omaha

As you may know by now, I play A LOT of Omaha. It is my strength, my forte. The game that I love the most. My one aim when I play Omaha is to make a profit. But to make a profit you need a few key skills. I am going to try and cover these skills in a series of articles.

Here is how I break down the most important concepts in playing a good Omaha game. Please consider that this is for shorthand play (6 player), however the general ideas can be applied to long handed play as well.

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1. Pre-flop Play:

1.1: Pre-flop Play - Omaha

There are many important factors which affect the amount you should bet, what position you are in and what kind of opponents you are facing. Also an insight into some hands that you do not want to play and why.

2. On The Flop Play:

2.1: On The Flop Play - Flush Draw
2.2: On The Flop Play - Straight Draw

On The Flop Play - Full House Draw

What to do if you have the nuts on the flop, if you miss the flop or if you a drawing for a flush, straight or a full house.

3. On the turn and river:

3.1: On The Turn - Omaha
3.2: On The River

Normally what happens on the turn will determine your actions on the river. The river is one of the most important places to make a decisive play. It is here that most money is won and lost in Omaha. As in most games, but there is a huge amount of bluffing, counter bluffing and other such shenanigans that go on at this point.

4. Reflection:

Whatever the outcome of the hand is, I always recommend you reflect on the hand to see if you made the right move.

With this series of 4 pointers I aim to be able to guide you towards strengthening your pot limit Omaha game in such a way that no one is going to mess with you and so that you can be the one flexing your poker muscles.

Before you start:

Before you start to play you must make sure that you are playing at stakes that you are comfortable with. Anyone that has been playing poker for a while will tell you this. It is important, as you cannot be afraid to bet, call or raise. If you are uncomfortable and afraid then you will inevitably make bad plays!

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