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Pre-Flop Play - Pot Limit Omaha

Part 1: Pre-flop Play

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Now I will tell you about pre-flop play in pot-limit Omaha. This is one of the most important parts of the game, so pay close attention.

Omaha - a game of staying in power!

1. Your starting hand:

We have an entire section on starting on Omaha starting hands (see main menu). However I will give you the low-down again.

In Omaha it is very very important to play a four card hand. A hand like A K J 6 is virtually worthless. For one, there are no suited cards in the hand, no pairs and the 6 of spades is virtually useless as it does not have a connector! If the 4th card in your hand is a dog, just fold that hand!

Also in terms of which hands you should play, a pair of kings, with no other suited/connector cards is a BAD hand as well. Don't play it! Also please avoid low pairs. A lot of the time you will get busted by a higher set.

Good hands will have, suited cards in them, connectors, i.e. AKQJ, HIGH pairs.

2. Position, Position, Position:

This is probably the most important point when playing pre-flop Omaha. I would argue that position in Omaha is even more important then in most other forms of poker.

Do not raise with any hand if you are one or two spots to the left of the button. It just puts you in a bad position later as you will not have as many options as you should.

Raising in a weak position pre-flop:

It gives away the fact that you have a good hand.

If you hit then it is very hard to extract value out of the hand. If you are the first to raise on the flop then it will be easy for all the other players to get away from the hand.

If you do not hit but the flop comes something like 459 or 355 then you could assume that most people haven't hit. If you are first to act with a pair of Aces in your hand then you normally would want to raise to push people out of the hand. However you will run into all sorts of problems if someone has hit a set or if they have a strong straight draw.

Raising in a good position pre-flop:

In Omaha most of the time when a pot is checked around on the flop then the player that is on the button will usually throw a raise in to try and steal the pot. Omaha is a peculiar creature as if you hit a strong hand like a set or a straight then you need to raise to get value from the hand. You can't often afford to slow-play a hand as you will be giving cards away for free! Therefore if you are on the button then it pays dividends to try and steal the pot if you have a medium hand like 2 pair if no one has raised.


In Omaha the most vital action takes place pre-flop most of the time. Once the flop comes then a lot of the action will just play itself out as the odds will dictate the play rather then the players skills most of the time. Therefore playing the right hands and playing from the right position are two of the most important rules that you must stick to if you want to come out as a profitable Omaha player. Give it a try!

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