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Getting started at online poker

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First things first. Read up! Get informed! - There is lots of useful information on the site that will help you become a better poker player. Ask other players for help and advice at the forums to get some good information. I know an awful lot of people that throw themselves into poker thinking they will get lucky and make a quick buck. This is just not the case. Sure, you can sit down to a table, throw all your chips in and get lucky. However the top players are consistent and patient! Our forums and Articles section are packed full of useful information, strategies and tips to get you up to scratch with your poker. As well there are many poker books out there that you can buy to get you going. Makes sense to spend $20 on a poker book to get clued up on poker and save yourself hundreds in the long run.

Before you start playing cash games - Get good! There is just no point of playing for cash if you are not able to win on free tables. Almost all the poker sites offer you the option to practice using free chips. Once you start consistently winning on these tables then you have some sort of indication of your capabilities. Also you can make the most of the large number of freerolls that are being run on many websites. Check out our freeroll calendar to find out what freerolls are being played now that you can join and practice in!

Capitalize!- There are many sites out there that offer bonuses to you for signing up, also there are sites that offer monthly bonuses. These are offers as an incentive for you to play. So don't pass up the opportunity. Check out the bonuses section to find some great bonuses.

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